Frequently asked questions

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  1. When and where is the Hay Dustdrinkers B&S Ball held?
    The Hay B&S is held at the Hay Showground on the Queen's birthday long weekend in June each year. The ball itself is on the Saturday night.
  2. When do tickets go on sale?
    Prepaid ticket sales open in mid-April and close on the Monday prior to the ball. Tickets are also available on ball day.
  3. What do I get with my ticket?
    You get heaps! Entry to the best party the Riverina has to offer on the June long weekend, a stubby holder, sticker, ear tag, canned alcohol, water and food all night, party pack, bacon and egg breakfast the following morning. Prepaid ticketholders also get an extra gift, such as a soft-pack esky or a trucker cap.
  1. Is glass allowed in the car park?
    No. Please, don't bring glass into the car park. We'd hate to have to confiscate it. Vehicles will be searched upon entry. Stick to cans and silver sacks when stocking up for your campsite.
  2. Can I bring food dye?
    No. Do not bring this with you.
  3. Are campfires allowed?
    Yes, campfires are allowed in the car park - it is the middle of winter, after all - in drums. We ask that you don't have them too big or throw bottles or explosives (aerosols, butane canisters, etc) into them. This helps keep everyone safe and means the clean-up for our volunteers is a little easier. We will have small fire drums and firewood available for those who forget or just can't cart wood all the way to us.
  1. Can I bring my dog to the B&S or the car park?
    Sorry, no dogs allowed. Also, the car park is directly across from the pound.... so you'll run a risk if you bring your dog with you.
  2. What merchandise is available?
    This varies year to year - we like to mix things up a little. But don't worry, we let everyone know what's on the menu each year. All merchandise is first sold on the ball day, so our patrons get first shot at a piece of that year's merch. Once ball weekend is over, we'll assess what we have leftover and let people know how they can get it. If you can't make it to the ball, feel free to line up a mate to grab you something.
  3. Is breath-testing available?
    Yep, you can get a breath-test on Sunday morning. A breathalysing station will be set up near the breakfast area, and cost is a gold coin donation. Proceeds from the breathalysing go to Hay War Memorial High School to help with travel costs for a driver education day. Please note that these readings are to be used AS A GUIDE ONLY and cannot be used in court.